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Title: Assembly at Brick Lane Mosque Exhibition catalogue, 2018 52 pages

ISBN: 9781527230729
scene (1)
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published in: Scene: volume 6 number 2 Editors: Chrsitine White & Alison Oddey Intellect, December 2018 19 Pages

ISSN: 2044-3714 (Print)
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published in: JAR (journal for artistic research), Issue 19 Editors: Michael Schwab and Barnaby Drabble Society for Artistic Research (SAR), 2019

ISSN: 2235-0225


Marsh, J, Site Performance at Brick Lane Mosque, artist talk at Close-Up Cinema, 2018

Marsh, J, Investigating the Interface Between Muslim Prayer Sites and Artistic Interventions, Fourteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, 2019

Marsh, J, Exploring the Interface Between Art and Sacred Spaces, Sacred Spiritual Secular Conference, School of Architecture, University of Westminster, 2019

Marsh, J, Assembly: Site-specific research and practice, Sensing Site: a conference on artist fieldwork, Central Saint Martins, 2019

Marsh, J, Virtual Assembly, at Old Kent Road Mosque for Visit My Mosque 2020, organised by the Muslim Council of Britain